Social Media Queen

I’m up late tonight working and trying to figure out Google+.  The air in my third-floor apartment is oppressive.  This morning I watched the rain rage wildly from my skyscraper office, but the heat still hasn’t broken, and the wide open window I’m perched beside isn’t helping.

I’m reminded of a late night some six and a half years ago.  It was spring in Arizona, and my roommates and I were too poor to turn the air on yet, so our little house was uncomfortably warm, and I was up late, working on a paper for English 380, Literary Analysis.  I don’t recall what the paper was about, but I do remember that it only had to be four pages and I can’t for the life of me figure out why I had so much trouble eeking out such a pitifully small amount of words.  That night, in between painfully slow paragraphs, I obsessively revised my profile on and marvelled at the requests from people I used to know.

This night feels like that night.  Like everything is new.  Only now I’m trying to find my way through an office job instead of through postmodern poetry and the friends I’m finding online are even older, or else, are people I met and lost touch with between 2005 and now.  Have you noticed how obsessed I am, with then and now?  It’s remarkable to me that I’m still the same person I was when I was fifteen, and yet my life looks wildly different from the way that I pictured it, perhaps because I didn’t know how to picture a life up to this point.

Maybe I haven’t made it clear on this blog yet, but I think Husband and I have one of those great, big loves.  The kind that people marvel at.  The kind that we still marvel at, six years later.  People are always asking how it happened.  Sometimes I tell them the truth and other times I don’t, because the truth (as always) is unlikely.

Tonight, though, in honor of how far we’ve come from then to now, a confession:  I met my husband on facebook.

Google+ looks and feels new and shiny, but I’m betting it can’t top that.

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3 Responses to Social Media Queen

  1. Melanie Carbine says:

    Awesome. That means you told me the truth. I remember something also about pink hair.

  2. Akhila says:

    Simply adorable – I have to say that I met my BF the good old fashioned way: in person. And I love that.

  3. ruth says:

    that. is. AWESOME,
    and I think you should tell us all how exactly that happened 🙂

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