How To Survive Family Vacation

Husband and I had grand plans to blog on vacation. Or at least to write and take photos and return with stories to tell. A full week later, I have to admit that vacation got in the way. We spent Saturday to Wednesday in Houston with Husband’s family. We’re spending Wednesday to Monday in Chicago with half of my family. This is the most non-stop family time we’ve experienced together ever. An observation:

Family vacation is not as pretty as vacation with just the two of us.  This is why you won’t see a lot of pictures on my blog, and probably not on Husband’s, either. This is not to say we’re prettier than our parents and siblings and their kids. We’re not. It’s just that we have less control over our environment.* We can’t stop the duffel bags from spilling over into the living room or the toys from piling up on every surface. We can’t drag ten people out of the swimming pool and into the car to see all the pretty or strange sights we want to see. We did manage to get all of the visitors from my family out of our apartment to see a bit of Chicago every day, but I’d like to see you explain to my practical-minded brothers and dad why I wanted to hang back and take thirty different shots of Chicago’s old water tower. Family vacation is best enjoyed by taking everything in stride, by pulling out the camera when somebody does something too hysterical to miss, and otherwise enjoying the time you have without exerting any effort trying to make it look or feel or be a certain way.

*This is why I’m not impressed by those blogs starring a young people in love that make life look like a dream. It’s easy. I don’t read a lot of mommy blogs yet, but I reserve the right to be impressed by women who make life with more than two people look beautiful.

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2 Responses to How To Survive Family Vacation

  1. Mom says:

    This is how I find out you have a blog??? I read your husbands blog, read the comments and find yours??? And we just spent 6 days with you! Love you…and your blog:)


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