This Post Needs More Glitter

This weekend was Chicago’s 42nd annual Pride Parade. Husband and I went. Not to make a political statement, but because we live in the heart of Chicago’s gay community and sort of had to. I mean, we had to walk the dog, right? We took a lot of photos and when I uploaded them to my computer I ended up with a folder full of feather boas and glitter and skin. Which is fun, obviously. I also ended up with this, which is probably my favorite photo from the day:

It’s not as flashy or entertaining as the rest, but that’s why I like it. Pride is not about being a certain kind of loud or flamboyant, it’s about being who you are. For me, it’s about letting others be who they are and letting them live their lives as fully and freely as I choose to live mine.

This next part is a political statement. I often write about feeling conflicted about my role as a young newlywed, as one half of a mixed-faith marriage, as a freaking wife. These are roles that come with a lot of expectations and I struggle to fulfill them. In case I haven’t been perfectly clear, though, let me say one thing: my marriage, imperfect though it may be, is everything to me and I’d fight anybody that threatened it. You can bet that I’m going to support other people doing the same thing. 

P.S. Read Husband’s more light-hearted take on the day here.

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