I’ve talked about being intimidated by other women before.  It’s a feeling that I keep tabs on, because I think it reveals insecurities that I need to work on.  Lately, I’ve noticed that women that intimidate me tend to have done one or more of the following at some point in their lives:

  • Played soccer;
  • Been in a drama club or theater troupe or production company; or
  • Traveled extensively.

Which is exactly why I plan on encouraging my future daughters to do all of these things.

This might be controversial, but I really hope that my daughters do not want to dance competitively or professionally or even in a studio; I’ve known too many women who’ve had their self-esteem wrecked in that competitive, body-focused environment.

Husband and I joke about, but also secretly fear, our future children rebelling against their parents by voting Republican or listening to bad top-4o pop music (is top-40 still a thing?).  Along those lines, my daughters will probably turn out to be dancers and cheerleaders and, if that’s the case, I hope they prove my stereotype ill-founded and come out of high school and college confidence and common sense intact.

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1 Response to Commonalities

  1. From my time spent reading women’s books this year, I’d say what you’re feeling is pretty common, if not universal. We girls can be pretty tough on each other and ourselves.

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