A Roundabout Way Of Saying That I Am Going to Post Less, More Often

Husband has asked for a link to my blog about ten times. He can’t remember what it’s called. And, although he’s way more computer savvy than me, he clearly hasn’t honed his browser history checking skills the way I did back in the early days of our relationship when I went through a decidedly unattractive jealous girlfriend phase. So yesterday, right before I left for work, I stood over his shoulder and spelled it out for him, and then left him to read six months of secrets. “Well,” I said, when I got home eleven hours later. “Did you read it?” “Some of it,” he said. “Your posts are really long. And I thought you’d have more pictures.”

He’s probably half right. One of the things I’m working on as a writer is packing more (more meaning, more imagery, more emotion, more freaking substance) into less (fewer words, shorter sentences, no more of these clumsy parentheticals). I’ve been absent this week, but not because I’m out of things to say. Rather, I need to refocus so that I can say things the right way. I don’t know what I think about the picture thing. I like blogs with pictures, when they add to a post, or when they’re of a particularly adorable baby, but I’ve seen too many blogs I enjoy fizzle into two or three sentences under a half-dozen oversize photos of pretty people in pretty clothes. Or worse, blurry photos of regular-looking people. I’m pretty sure my photos would be even less interesting to the average reader, because most of them don’t even have people in them, but old buildings and interesting signage. So I’ll spend this weekend drafting some succinct posts and trying to pose with Husband in ways that make us look really quirky and attractive and like we have lots of friends, even though we just have a dog, and I’ll see you back here next week.

In the meantime, Husband started a blog! He’ll be writing about food, and possibly other things? I don’t know yet. I can guarantee there will be lots of photos and also recipes that use bacon in unlikely ways. (Don’t worry, I’m not just linking to him because we’re married. He’s a really bang-up writer.)

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3 Responses to A Roundabout Way Of Saying That I Am Going to Post Less, More Often

  1. Melanie Carbine says:

    But, I like how your blog reads like a book and not like a blog. Apparently, my brevity makes people “think.” Somehow it doesn’t come off as a compliment. What I really think it means is: “you’re to ambiguous. Stop hiding behind your ‘art’ already.” Although, I have to devote 15 minutes to reading your posts, the way someone might have once upon sat down to read the paper.

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