The Hidden Dangers Of Comfortable Shoes

So, I almost committed another work faux pas thanks to my olive-green Chuck Taylors.

Tuesday was the first day I went to work really nervous, because a big meeting that I’d organized was happening. It was going to be fancy partners and an expert witness and me alone in a conference room for four hours. I was going to have to talk about what I knew and also make sure everything went smoothly. Oh, and one of the partners scheduled to attend was the firm chairman.

So I sent an agenda and a binder of materials around in advance, reserved one of the pretty conference rooms, and arranged for us to have lunch. I wore a suit and brought all the documents I could possibly need with me for protection. A few minutes before it started, I realized I needed to let building security know that we were expecting a guest. So I walked over to reception and stood patiently while the woman behind the desk ignored me. For a few seconds. For a few more seconds. For a minute. Finally I cleared my throat. She looked up, startled. “Oh! I didn’t realize you were there! You must not be wearing heels, or I’d have heard you walk up.” I laughed and explained that I hardly ever wear heels. And then I looked down. Jacket? Check. Coordinating pants? Check. Briefcase? Check. Olive-green chucks? Oh, crap.

I ran down to my office to change and made it back moments before the expert witness and army of partners, including the stickler-for-propriety chairman of the firm. I think I was suitably impressive, though, if only for the fact that I towered over each and every one of them, thanks to my last-minute heels.

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3 Responses to The Hidden Dangers Of Comfortable Shoes

  1. KaraJean says:

    I’m glad you noticed in time! I was worried for you. And I think one of the most awkward things at work is when I stand in front of someone’s desk for an extremely long time and they don’t notice and I have to do something awkward like clear my throat…. Honestly! How could people not notice I’m looming 2 feet in front of them?

  2. Sandy says:

    Hooray! A comment from my SISTER!

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