On The Other Hand

Yesterday I wrote about how quickly work is forcing me to change my life. I could list half a dozen more examples, but I’ll stick to two.

Before I started law school, networking was a dirty word. Now I sell myself every chance I get. (Nevermind that my primary selling point is my low, low billing rate. I flaunt it.)

In law school I had a classmate with a lawyer-father who came home from work at 6 to eat dinner with the family and play with the kids and then went back to work. I thought that was crazy. Now I do the same thing so I can eat Husband’s lovely dinners and play with the puppy.

On the other hand, there are some things that never change. For instance, I will never be a picture of polished professionalism. Every time I start a new job, I blow dry and straighten my long, unruly hair and re-teach myself how to apply makeup and for a week or so look like a different, better person. And then I slide back into my careless ways.

Example 1: today my hair is in a messy sorority-girl-during-finals-week ponytail/bun and my fingernails are sporting the same chipped black nail polish I wore when I was 17.

Example 2: I put on some lipstick to change things up and when I got home Husband asked me, “What is that all over your lips? Did you eat chocolate?”

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