Girl With A Guitar

Last night Husband and I broke our old married person routine and went to a show. Justin Townes Earle, if you’re interested in alt-country/indie-folk/whatever made-up genre combo you like to make down home music sound cool (my personal favorite is insurgent country). We went out of our way to miss the opening act because, in our old age, we don’t have the patience or stamina to stand around listening to crappy music. Despite our efforts, the opener went on a few minutes after we arrived. And man am I glad we got there when we did. This girl was good (the first link looks good, but the sound is terrible; click the second to really hear her sing). She strummed her first chord and let loose with a haunting echo-y cry into the mic and just hit me in the gut with her presence. A strong frontwoman is sexy, no matter what she looks like.

I’ve been meaning to talk about female artists on here for awhile, and will write more soon. For now, I just want to say that if you asked me about my favorite musicians in college, I would’ve said: Bob Dylan, Frank Black, Stephen Malkmus, Tom Waits, Ryan Adams, and are you noticing a trend here? I knew that I had very male taste in music because people told me so. And it made sense because I inherited my preferences from my dad and my musician friends, all of them boys,  and later Husband had some influence. That list isn’t really accurate, though. I love Gillian Welch and Neko Case and Kristin Hersch and Jenny Lewis and Aimee Mann and (old) Liz Phair just as much as all those those guys up there. The women just never made it onto The List, The Desert Island Top 5, or that little box on facebook. I was full of crap and too eager to identify with all the men in my life, rather than introducing them to the awesome female singer-songwriters in my record collection. I’m beginning to atone for those sins. Today I’ll do my part by introducing you to Bryn Davis, Justin Townes Earle’s crazy good and completely stunning bassist. I never saw a woman play the upright bass before last night, and after watching her swing her hips around and smirk, I don’t think I can go back to the way things were.

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