How Often Do You Think About Food?

I don’t have a ton to say today except that I read two great blog posts about food and the ways in which it impacts our lives. They are very different, but I recommend both of them. I thought twice about sharing them here because I don’t really talk about food here. Which is somewhat strange, because I think about food quite a bit. The first post, which is about fat-talk, hit me hard because I’m a woman and, almost as a consequence, have had body image issues. I speak about Being A Woman a lot, and body image is such an integral part of that conversation, but it’s one that I haven’t spent much time on because, frankly, that hasn’t been my cross to bear. Consequently, I haven’t spent near as much time thinking about as a lot of other people have, including, for instance, the smart lady I just linked to.

The second post is about, more or less, food and culture. Which is relevant here because I talk a lot about social expectations. So much of who I am is informed by what I eat and so much of what I eat is informed by social expectations. And yet I eat without analyzing the impetus, even though I over-analyze the stimuli in pretty much every other aspect of my life (work, relationships, religion, etc.).

So. Read, and then eat, and then maybe think about why you’re eating it.

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2 Responses to How Often Do You Think About Food?

  1. First of all, how did I not know you have a blog!? I’ve been reading a bunch of posts today and loving it. Hope you don’t mind, I added you to my blog roll!

    I obsess over food. I have a super slow metabolism and worry over every bite. And feel guilty every time I eat crap. Ugh.

    Oh, and in regard to your previous post (sorry to comment on two posts in one comment), I totally agree. I often dream about writing for a living but I honestly think I’d be bored and unmotivated to write if I didn’t have a regular day job. I suppose I wouldn’t mind being proven wrong though – haha.

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