Sidewalk Stories

I promise not to post pictures of my cute dog because this isn’t that kind of blog, but I will tell you this story in hopes of eliciting the sympathy of the childless.

While walking my cute dog down the sidewalk last night, I passed two different couples, each pushing a stroller. I had my head down, focusing on keeping the dog from jumping in front of them and getting his leash tangled in the stroller wheels. When I was right by Couple the First, the girl turned her head, said, “What a cute dog!” and kept walking in the opposite direction. As soon as I heard her voice, I realized she was in my ward. She was so focused on her husband and her stroller that she didn’t recognize me. I’ve given the woman rides before! She’s been in my home! She sees the dog, but not me? I said thanks and moved on.

When I passed Couple the Second, a voice from inside the stroller said, “Doggie!” Without missing a beat or acknowledging my presence, the man pushing the stroller said, “Oh, you’re sooo much cuter than that dog!” Um, what? Did our mere presence threaten your child’s self-esteem to the point you needed to announce to the world that he is the cutest living thing on the block?

Dog owners are often obnoxious, but new parents can be straight-up rude.

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