Stay At Home Partner

Before I started work, I was a little stressed out about the fact that Husband didn’t have a job yet. Not because we needed another income, but because it didn’t seem fair that I was the one who’d have to put on a suit and spend all day in an office while he stayed home and played with the new dog. I maybe resented it a little? No question mark; I did resent it. I wondered how all working halves of single-income families didn’t feel like this. I mean, I know women who work can get caught up in the martyrdom, but what about men who support their families in a traditional manner? Didn’t my dad ever just want to stay home? Is this one of those things that people (men) just don’t talk about?

Then I started work. And I’ve got to admit, I love coming home to a clean house and dinner and not worrying about who will let the dog out during the day. Husband works part-time from home right now and if he gets the opportunity to do something that will make it harder for him to do those things, I’m not sure how I’ll feel about it.

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