The Break-Up

Remember when I wrote about how all the cultural noise about our relationships with our in-laws is a bunch of crap? And how I’m always writing about the ways my marriage doesn’t mesh with anybody’s expectations, my own included? Well, it turns out that popular culture doesn’t have the last word on my friendships, either.

In recent weeks, some close friends who are also a couple called it quits. Like, called off their wedding, called it quits. Husband and I are sad for them, and we were also a little sad for us. Because we like both of them, you see, and would miss having them both for friends. We assumed we’d probably stay close to one of them, and stay friendly, but not as close, with the other. We assumed it’d be awkward to keep both as friends. Because that’s how break-ups work in the movies, right, with everybody choosing up sides? We definitely assumed we wouldn’t see them together anymore. Because that’s how break-ups work in the movies and in real life. It turns out, though, that they both want to stay in touch and don’t mind us staying friends with the other. It’s not awkward it all. Even weirder, it turns out they are still friends themselves.

It’s confusing and inspiring when other people are so sane and secure.

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