I’ve been a little wordy this week, so I’ll leave you today with a few photos. Most of the photos I’ve posted on this blog so far were taken with my holga or my diana cameras. That’s why they look so funny. I’m no photographer, and I don’t want to try to pass myself off as one, but I think photos liven up a blog and I take and it’s easier to use my own than to dig through photos online and worry about violating copyright laws (thanks a lot, law school, for making me think about things like that). I like to use photos from my toy cameras because they cast the world in a slightly dreamier light that more closely resembles the one in my head. I also think their blurry, vaguely anonymous quality suits suits the blog. This being a blurry, vaguely anonymous place.

Winter has settled in here in Chicago, turning our street into a wickedly cold wind tunnel.

The search for a dog continues. This is Husband's childhood basset hound, Elvis. We can't have a basset hound in our apartment, but Elvis is glorious.

Life in Chicago.

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