This post is about Chicago. For the most part, I am not ambivalent about our adopted city. I wholeheartedly embrace it, flaws and all. Today, I’m feeling a little more torn, though.

The Good: Yesterday, Husband and I visited the Art Institute for the first time together (we’ve both been before, on our own) and we discovered another great thing about Chicago residency: you can get free museum passes at the public library! They’re called Kids Museum Passports, but adults can use them, as well. Also, you’re only allowed to check out one per household, but one is good to get in two adults and two kids. Also, you can keep them for a week at a time. So instead of waiting around for Thursday night, when you can get into the art institute for free between five and eight, we used one of these passes to explore at our leisure on a weekday afternoon, when the crowds were minimal. It was awesome. This will end up saving us the money we had to spend on the silly city sticker that is required for all vehicles garaged in Chicago.

The Bad: The red line, Belmont stop, and 135 express may go the way of Willis Tower. Apparently Chicago is selling naming rights to “just about everything it possibly can.” Ugh. Realistically, it probably won’t affect us too much. I still call the once tallest building in the world the Sears Tower, and I doubt the CTA will alter the color-coded transit maps in a way that makes it difficult to use the old naming system.

We’ve been feeling pretty cooped up in the way that you only get from living in a big city, so we’re headed out of town for the weekend. Let’s see what else the Midwest has to offer.

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